Lend your Support

"We have found FRRR to be a wonderful umbrella organisation through which we have been able to donate to many small and worthy rural charities. We could not have done the research required to reach them directly. FRRR’s staff, resources and years of assessment experience makes it simple. We would certainly recommend utilising FRRR to donate funds Australia wide."

Neville and Di Bertalli
Directors, Bertalli Foundation


As we've highlighted throughout this report, just a little support from philanthropic organisations and individuals can make enormous difference to those living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Please consider lending your support and joining the incredible group of donors and partners who demonstrate their ongoing commitment to rural, regional and remote Australia by partnering with FRRR.

You can donate online and no contribution is too small, with every donation over $2 tax deductible. As little as $50 can help a child get a great start to the school year, as demonstrated by our Back to School program.

Regular workplace giving contributions are easy with FRRR now registered on the Good2Give, and Goodcompany online platforms. If your workplace already uses one of these platforms for workplace giving, why not have FRRR added to the donation list? For employers looking to set-up a workplace giving program, these sites are a good place to start. It doesn't have to be big - just a couple of dollars each pay makes an enormous difference.

Another option you may like to consider is making a donation to FRRR in lieu of a gift for friends or family. FRRR is registered on the Karma Currency website, which has several options for things you may like to support, as well as the ability to send a gift voucher on your behalf.

For more generous contributions, our priority funding needs are a great place to start as they demonstrate where we are actively seeking funding, right now. But you can have a say in where your donation goes - we can target any interest area or geographic location you are keen to support.

Looking for other ways to contribute?

We want to help our donors and partners achieve their giving priorities. This means that we look to leverage other kinds of support, like providing a professional service for free, or at a reduced cost. Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, a donation of a professional service can help us help more rural and regional communities. Or, you could choose to help a particular local project directly.

Increasingly, we see opportunities for in-kind donations that can directly benefit grant applicants. A large amount of grant funding goes towards certain items – many litres of paint are bought to freshen up community meeting places, reverse-cycle air conditioners are purchased to increase the use of these spaces, and each year we receive a greater number of requests for IT equipment. We are eager to discuss any ideas for alternatives to cash donations.

If any of these opportunities fits with your giving priorities, please drop us a line to discuss it further with our CEO, Alexandra Gartmann.