The Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) program was developed after the 2009 Victorian bushfires to help impacted communities in their recovery by addressing specific local needs that emerged post the disaster event. Since then, we have run RRR programs in response to the 2011 floods and cyclones, and 2013 bushfires and floods.

Following FRRR's Natural Disaster Framework, funds raised from the time of the events are not dispersed until at least 12 months after a natural disaster has been declared. This ensures support is available for the medium to long term recovery process.

Support can still be required even five or six years after an event, as was the case with the Rivers & Ranges Community Leadership Program (RRCLP) in the Loddon Murray region of Victoria affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires. This year we funded the appointment of a program manager to help run the program, recognising volunteer fatigue. The grants, which came from funds donated by Deutsche Bank, also funded several scholarships for fire-affected individuals to undertake the leadership program, which helps build skills to tackle complex regional issues.

Since its inception, the RRR program has supported communities across Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales affected by fires, flooding and cyclones. This collaborative program has raised $4,836,439.

Communities severely impacted by natural disasters respond in very different ways. At FRRR, we work with local groups to determine the highest priority needs for the community, and these may change over the recovery period. For example, in 2013 we supported projects that ranged from:

  • Developing a community safety plan, within and between towns within a rural district;
  • Purchasing emergency response equipment;
  • Building a playground for children of all ages;
  • Creating new community spaces through art and landscaping; and
  • Hosting a comedy theatre dinner.