FRRR has partnered with the McEwen Foundation, managed by Equity Trustees, since 2007 to provide grants for charitable projects within the wider Goulburn Valley district, Victoria.


In the 2013/14 Financial Year, FRRR worked closely with the McEwen Foundation, then managed by ANZ Trustees, to review and reshape the grants program to ensure it was meeting both the wishes of the late Lady McEwen, and the future direction of the McEwen Foundation.

While we did not award any grants under the Goulburn Valley - McEwen Foundation program during the period covered by this report, the program opened in March, with a revamped direction. It offered grants of up to $10,000 for projects located in the wider Goulburn Valley district in Victoria that supported:

  • Youth development and / or supporting vulnerable young children;
  • Children’s early learning and development services; and
  • Accommodation which benefits older people.

We are pleased to continue our partnership with the McEwen Foundation, which is now managed by Equity Trustees. Together, we will be able to support projects that make a real difference to the lives of those living in the Goulburn Valley, like the project below.

Buckle up to keep BUBB’s safe

North East Support and Action for Youth Incorporated have taken charge to increase the safety of Benalla West children in vehicles through education and practical support. The Buckle up Benalla West Babies (BUBB's) project was designed to educate parents / caregivers about the importance of using child car seats in vehicles, as well as the correct use of child restraints.

Learning safer ways to drive with kids on board

With support from the McEwen Foundation of $3,896 to fund a community education program focused on correct restraint fittings, held in West Benalla, local kids are now travelling much more safely. Twelve parents and their children attended the BUBB’s information session and had their restraints checked and knowledge tested in a practical demonstration with the restraint checking service.

On the day, cars were inspected and assessed according to Australian Safety Standards, and the results were a shock: 

  • 50% of the seats checked needed to be corrected to meet these standards; and
  • 20% of vehicles checked had errors with their anchorage point, which is especially important in an accident.

Take away safety tips

Along with ensuring car restraints were fitted properly, parents participated in an information session about risk taking behaviours with children in the car, and heard tips about how to choose a restraint and the right one for their family.

The best way to keep children safe on our roads is for parents to be informed and the most important take away message for all participants was to take NO risks in vehicles, especially with your precious children on board!