Natural Disaster Recovery

The medium to long-term effects of natural disaster events can be severe, but the community spirit we see in rural and regional areas is a strong component in combatting negative impacts of cyclones, floods and fires.

FRRR has a Natural Disaster Recovery Framework that enables us to help disaster affected communities not only rebuild and recover once the emergency services have moved on to the next disaster, but to also prepare for future events, building resilience that will enable them to work through the tough times, as well as enhance social wellbeing, community connectedness and mental health.

This framework includes targeted granting programs and services that help ensure a collaborative response from the philanthropic sector; leverage programs for the most effective use of available funds; and build local capacity in rural and regional communities through the hosting of Donation Accounts. 

As the chart below illustrates, FRRR has distributed more than $1.4m in natural disaster recovery programs in the 2012/13 financial year. We have done that primarily through three granting programs. Click on any of the blocks at the bottom of the page to learn more about these programs.

Natural Disaster Recovery granting programs include:

Roll over the graph sections for details of what was funded in each of the programs.