Gardiner Foundation Working in Dairy Communities

Investing in the ongoing development of communities which support the Victorian dairy industry communities is the central aim of the Working in Dairy Communities small grants program. For the last 11 years, the program, which is funded by the Gardiner Foundation, has helped these communities implement solutions to the issues that concern them.

This program offers grants of up to $5,000 for innovative, community-driven projects that help to build dairy communities’ capacity to deal with local issues and enhance existing community infrastructure.

In 2013, a further 28 community projects shared $100,000. Projects ranged from improvements to outdoor spaces like playgrounds, indoor spaces like halls, and a bus to go between the two! Programs and events were also funded, including a support group for isolated women involved in the dairy industry and a first aid course for farmers.

While our small grants provide valuable seed funding for many projects, we noted a particularly strong ability of those organisations who receive these grants to leverage the funding: on average, they raise four times the funding they receive from us via this program.

To learn more about how some of these groups are applying their funding, read about the great work done by the local school, in conjunction with the Beacon Foundation in Kyabram, to ensure young people either continue their education or are in employment the first year after leaving school.