ANZ Seeds of Renewal

This program is run in partnership with ANZ Banking Group, and aims to build thriving communities in regional Australia by advancing education and employment opportunities.

In round 10 of the ANZ Seeds of Renewal program 35 grants were awarded to the value of $250,000.

These included some interesting social enterprise projects, including an intermediate employment program training youth via development of a mountain bike trail; a range of projects to stimulate the economy, including the development of three websites for eCommerce and community hubs; and a high demand for equipment for use in a variety of educational settings including men's sheds, high schools, and community meeting places.

As well as keeping people connected through training in computer skills and digital literacy, the program supported projects that provide skills in hospitality, business, automotive repair and growing food for youth and adults, creating opportunities for personal, professional and community growth in rural and regional Australia. 

One such project involved a structured program to enable inter-generational transfer of knowledge between farmers to facilitate succession planning in Walgett, NSW.

As illustrated in the graphic below, IT requests are a particularly strong trend in many of FRRR's grant programs, and we welcome any opportunities to discuss in-kind donations of this kind of equipment to help meet the growing needs of rural communities to bring their facilities and schools up to date.

IT requests always exceed available funding