Hear it from the radio braves

Small Grants for Rural Communities
Harvey, WA - $1,500

The police were impressed, feeling that the message is more relevant to youth when presented by youth.

Small towns like Harvey, WA, may not have the support services found elsewhere for young people to turn to and learn from when it comes to drugs and alcohol, but they make up for it with their dedication.

Harvey has implemented a collaborative community solution to their need to build awareness around these issues. When Harvey Community Radio’s youth presenter, Corrine Brislin (14 years old) and experienced volunteer presenter Tony Fantasia approached the local police about being involved in an interview segment, they were all ears.

The pair of presenters had developed the idea for a show – RAADDical - an acronym for Radio Announcers Against: drink driving, doing drugs, destructive doings and any other dangerous deeds you may think of!

During the segment, Sergeant Laurie Morley from Harvey Police Station answers questions prepared by Corrine and her listeners.

The RAADDical segments form part of Corrine’s regular community information hour known to listeners as A-of-the-BEE, which goes live to air every Tuesday evening, now with giveaways!

FRRR supported the program through the Small Grants for Rural Communities program with a grant of $1,500 to help engage young listeners with the topic of drug and alcohol awareness. The funding has made possible a stack of RAADDical packs containing educational material about the dangers of drugs and alcohol – including advice, badges, stickers and biros, that will be given out to listeners of the RAADDical radio segment.

The funding also allowed for packs containing DVDs and interactive games to be assembled as lending resources for local schools and other interested groups.