Speedy results for rural traffic issue

Small Grants for Rural Communities
Cummins, SA - $5,000

Cummins is small South Australian town of 800 people located near Port Lincoln. Two highways – the  Tod Highway and the Bratten Way - intersect at the heart of the town. This has caused local residents much concern, as vehicles are often seen travelling through town at high speeds. The danger is particularly evident for Cummin’s slower and more easily distracted residents – namely, the elderly and children.

The Cummins & District Enterprise Committee needed to find a way to slow down the highway traffic passing through their community. They experimented with a borrowed speed radar camera and found that the camera’s presence was successful in aiding their mission – having all vehicles travelling through town at the speed limit.

“Our committee discussed this with our local police officer and he felt that a speed radar unit would be a valuable asset to our community. Not only could it be used in the centre of town, it can be placed at the school or any other location where speed can be a problem,” said the Community project officer for the Cummins & District Enterprise Committee, Carolyn Miller.

FRRR awarded $5,000 through the Small Grants for Rural Communities program to help fund the installation of two signs in Cummins, plus a mobile speed display and safety message unit.

The signs were placed in high risk areas of the town – one near to a grain trucks crossing, advising motorists that the speed limit is 40 km during harvest, and another at the school, for obvious reasons.

Pictured on the school sign are two young children, arms crossed, disapproving little faces staring down on the passing traffic. Unsurprisingly, the data recorded by the speed display unit which was originally placed at the school showed a decrease in speed!

The Port Lincoln Times and the Cummins Community Newsletter have published articles promoting the installation of the signs, making residents aware of their messaging, purpose and existence.

Community feedback from the short time it has been in use has been positive – the signs are definitely making motorists think about their driving speeds. Thanks to the smart thinking of the Cummins & District Enterprise Committee, this small rural town has a little technology helping them to ensure a safer environment for pedestrians of all ages.