Restoring the flow, the bank and the life

Small Grants for Rural Communities
Babinda, Qld - $2,578

The small town of Babinda, 60 km south of Cairns, has come up against its fair share of challenges in recent years. The closure of the Sugar Mill, declining sugar prices and two major cyclones have put an increasing emphasis on the importance of tourism for the town’s survival.

Environmental issues have long been a priority for the community, and the Russell Landcare and Catchment Group Inc, a highly organised, talented, motivated 50-strong group, is working to sustain the natural beauty of the area and make it accessible to visitors. A Landcare lounge and library has been established for school groups, visitors and residents, in line with the organisation's educational aims. The group applied to FRRR's Small Grants for Rural Communities program for funding to purchase a high quality digital camera to create presentations and videos to bring to life their work in maintaining the natural surroundings, for viewing in the new lounge and library.

A high priority for the Landcare group is the restoration of Babinda Creek. The Babinda Creek Action Group are working to enhance the natural beauty of this part of Queensland’s coast and reverse the damage to their waterways - the river’s health has been in decline due to both natural elements and agricultural practices of years past, and its affect on the ocean it flows into and the natural habitat of local wildlife, including the elusive Cassowary, cannot be ignored.

The Babinda Creek Action Plan states:

“We have recognised the need to return a river to its natural functioning state. If you return the ability of the river to flow naturally, then everything else will fall into place.”

FRRR was delighted to receive the film below, showcasing their grant in action - at the same time as demonstrating the extraordinary efforts to restore Giddins Creek, a major tributary of the Babinda Creek system, and just a small part of the timeline for this extensive and ongoing project.