FRRR’s accomplishments are thanks to a combination of the hard work of our team and Board, the dedication of the community organisations that we work with and grant to, and the continuing generosity of our partners and donors.

Donate Now

On behalf of the entire organisation, and the hundreds of communities that receive grants each year, we wish to again thank our generous donors - large and small.

One of the key aims of this report is to demonstrate the big impact that our various small grants have in rural, regional and remote communities.

The money goes to community organisations, by and large made up of volunteers, who are wholly committed to improving the facilities, activities, opportunities and quality of life for their fellow community members, their neighbours.

We can only help them with your support. If you are not yet a donor and have been moved by the stories we have shared, please consider lending your support.

No contribution is too small, and every donation over $2 is tax deductible. As little as $50 can help a child get off to a great start for the school year, on equal footing with his or her peers, as demonstrated by our Back to School program.

If you are looking to make a bigger contribution, take a look at our ‘wishlist’ below. It outlines the areas where we are actively seeking funding. We also have a list of new programs in development for the 2013/14 year.

If any of these ‘niches’ fits with your giving priorities, please drop us a line to discuss it further with our CEO, Alexandra Gartmann.

Programs that need your help to continue:

  • Culture, Arts, Tourism & Community Heritage (CATCH) Program - this vital small grants program helps rural communities to implement cultural projects, preserve history and enhance tourism - reviving community spirit and economic development.
  • Natural Disaster Recovery - we have many programs running or in development to address the mid to long term needs of communities affected by floods, fires and cyclones. Our programs cover areas from infrastructure rebuilds and practical support to resilience, well-being and mental health. We are always on the lookout to expand the funding we can provide to affected communities.
  • Heywire Youth Innovation Grants - the profile and success of this pilot program was significant in 2013; many inspired projects have been implemented by young rural Australians across the nation - and we would like to do it all over again!
  • Caring for Ageing Rural Australians (CARA) Program - the aged sector in rural and regional Australia requires special attention. This grant program provides a means for aged care service providers to access funding for improvements, updates and additions to their facilities, programs and other projects that improve quality of life for this group.
  • Back to School - we need to find a new major partner to ensure this program runs in 2015.

Other ways that you could assist

  • Supporting FRRR’s operational costs  - like any business, we have overheads that require us to approach other businesses for their services. Perhaps your company can support rural and regional renewal by providing us with a professional service for free, or at a reduced cost.
  • In-kind donations - increasingly, we see opportunities for in-kind donations that can directly benefit grant applicants. A large amount of grant funding goes towards certain items – many litres of paint are bought to freshen up community meeting places, reverse-cycle air conditioners are purchased to increase the use of these spaces, and each year we receive a greater number of requests for IT equipment. We are eager to discuss any ideas for alternatives to cash donations.